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Mountain Entry Permit Application

Privacy Protection Policy and Application Guidelines

  1. Privacy Protection Policy
  2. Application Guidelines
  3. Attention:

    (1) To enter Yushan National Park, Shei-Pa National Park, or Taroko National Park, it is necessary to apply for an entrance permit for each of the national parks individually. Please refer to the following links (opening in new windows):
    Taiwan National Park Entrance and Mountain Entry Online Application Service Website
    (2) Anyone who plans to enter nature reserves, forest reserves and wildlife refuges designated in accordance with the laws and regulations enforced by the Ministry of Agriculture along with those managed by the Forestry Bureau or local governments, must have the approval granted to his/her application at the “Application System of Forest Reserve Entry”:
  4. All local governments of special municipalities, counties/cities, including Taichung City Government, Nantou County Government, Pingtung County Government, Kaohsiung City Government, etc., have promulgated self-government ordinances to regulate the mountaineering activities. Visitors are advised to read the ordinances carefully and abide by them at all times. In addition, visitors shall be aware of the provisions relating to emergency entry controls to the mountain areas stipulated in the aforementioned self-government ordinances.
  5. Visitors who are students or participating activities held by student societies/clubs are required to inform the related unit of their schools for emergency response purpose.

Mountain Entry Permit Application

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